41st Annual Dinner and Induction Ceremony
Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet, Cranston
May 14, 2005

Reception (6:00 p.m.)
Al Sims on Piano

Opening Ceremonies (7:00 p.m.)
Parade of Colors and Posting of Colors:
103d Field Artillery Brigade, Rhode Island Army National Guard
The 88th Army Band

Our 'National Anthem'-Richard Price (Trumpet Solo)

"God Bless America"-Maria Spacagna (1997 Inductee)

Steve Aveson, Channel 12 News

Captain Eliseo Nogueras
Rhode Island Army National Guard

Greetings from the President
Dr. Patrick T. Conley
(1995 Inductee)


Presentation of the 2005 Inductees

Chester R. Nichols, Jr. presented by Glenn Laxton
Judge Raymond J. Pettine presented by Judge Stephen J. Fortunato, Jr.
Alice A. Sullivan presented by Michael E. Lyons
Friedrich St. Florian, AIA presented by Albert T. Klyberg
Norma Ann Garnett, Ed.D presented by Manuel Gorriaran, Jr.
John J. McLaughlin, Ph.D presented by James P. Marusak, Esq.
Major General Harold N. Read presented by General Richard J. Valente
George L. Sisson presented by Robert P. Sylvia
Milton Stanzler, Esq. presented by Dr. D. Scott Molloy, Jr.

Rev. Joseph L. Lennon, O.P.
(1999 Inductee)

(As of May 6, 2005)

Albert R. Beauparlant
Dr. Patrick T. Conley
The Garnett Family
Willie Greene a/k/a Eagle Heart
New England Laborer's Health & Safety Fund
New England Laborers' Labor Management Cooperation Trust
John J. McLaughlin, Ph.D. (3 Tables)
Dr. Scott Molloy
Pawtucket Red Sox
Mary Shekarchi, Esquire
The Stanzler Family
The Sullivan Family (2 Tables)
Trinity Repertory Theater
United States District Court for the District of Rhode Island
Spencer W. Viner, Esquire
Arlene Violet, Esquire (1996 Inductee)

Special Thanks
to Those Who Staged
This Induction Banquet

Michael E. Lyons-Induction Committee Chairman
Albert Raoul Beauparlant-Dinner Chairman
General Richard Valente-Director of Military Component
Shannon McHale-Ticket and Seating Director
Manuel Gorriaran, Jr.- Awards
Robert A. Kotlen-Photo Exhibit
Glenn Laxton-Video Production
Spencer W. Viner, Esq.-Coordinator of Program Ads
M. Helena Lopes-Coordinator of Hosts and Hostesses
Linda Gallen, Ann Langello, Colleen Conley, Anna Maria Loiselle-Secretarial Assistance
Eduino Pereira-Program Design and Layout
Patrick T. Conley-Editor of the Printed Program