Inductees in Music (Singers, Composers)

  1. Arthur "Artie" Cabral

    Inducted in 2014

    Arthur “Artie” Cabral is a prominent drummer on the national and regional music scene whose first professional music job came at the age of 13. Artie has also served as president of the Providence Federation of Musicians, AFM 198-457, for the past eighteen years and has just been elected to another two-year term.

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  2. Frankie Carle

    Frankie Carle (1903-2001)

    Inducted in 1968

    Frankie Carle, 1903-2001, a native of Providence who became world famous as a pianist and composer, began studying the piano at the age of 5, and wrote his first song at age 13. He was the author of "Sunrise Serenade", "Falling Leaves", and "Lover's Lullaby".

    Born Francis Nunzio Carlone on March 25, 1903 to a factory owner father who couldn't afford a piano, Frankie was taught to play by his pianist uncle on a dummy keyboard and later practiced on a broken-down instrument he found at a dance hall. As a teenager, Frankie played with his uncle, Nicholas Colangelo's, Providence band as well as other local bands. Read more >

  3. Bowen R. Church

    Bowen R. Church (1860-1923)

    Inducted in 2015

    Bowen R. Church 1860-1923, founder of The American Band of Providence, one of the great symphonic brass bands of the late 19th century. Compared often with the U.S. Read more >

  4. George M. Cohan

    George M. Cohan (1878-1942)

    Inducted in 1965


    Cohan, George M. (George Michael), 1878-1942

    Mr. Cohan was born in Fox Point, Providence on July 3, 1878 to Irish Catholic parents. Cohan joined his parents and sister in a vaudeville act an an early age. Read more >

  5. Dr. Joseph Conte

    Inducted in 1986

    Dr. Joseph Conte was a renowned music director who had a long and eventful career as a concertmaster, conductor, bandmaster, violinist, and teacher. He was concertmaster of the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra for twenty-one years. Conte was the founder and conducted The Young People's Symphony of Rhode Island for sixteen years. Read more >

  6. Al Conte (1930-2005)

    Inducted in 1983

    Al Conte, 1930-2005, was a pianist and arranger, and one-time conductor of the late Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians for twenty-three years. This native of Providence was discovered by the famed Lombardo while performing at the Biltmore Hotel in 1954.  He became one of the most accomplished and celebrated piano artists of our time. He became known as “the fifth Lombardo Brother," playing in all of the famed orchestra leader's New Year's Eve show's. Read more >

  7. Arlan R. Coolidge

    Inducted in 1988


    Coolidge, Arlan R. (Arlan Ralph), 1902-

    Mr. Coolidge has been an internationally renowned violinist who is a graduate of Brown, and served as Chairman of Brown's Department of Music for thirty-one years.  He was former Executive Director of the Arts Rhode Island, lived in Providence, and served as Chairman of several Governor's Commissions on fne arts. Read more >

  8. Jimmie Crane (1910-1998)

    Inducted in 1982

    Jimmie Crane, 1920-1988, was a noted songwriter and musician who was born Loreto Domenico Fraieli on Federal Hill in Providnce. He was urged to change his name as his musical group, The Hawaiians, became well-known on the radio. Many of his songs were performed by famous singers and bands. Read more >

  9. Nelson Eddy (1901-1967)

    Inducted in 1974

    Nelson Eddy, 1901-1967, was a member of the Metropolitan Opera Company who later acheived fame as the singing star in eight light operetic films, co-starring with Jeanette MacDonald. Read more >

  10. Eileen Farrell (1920-2002)

    Inducted in 1967

    Eileen Farrell, 1920-2002, who became a star of the Metropolitan Opera, launched her professional singing career in 1941 for CBS and made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1960,earning world-wide acclaim. She spent her early years living in Willimantic and Norwich, Connecticut, but came to her mother's hometown of Woonsocket in her teens. Farrell received the music industry's Grammy Award and was been awarded several honorary degrees including Doctorates from Harvard, Notre Dame, and URI. Read more >

  11. Edward M. Fay (1875-1964)

    Inducted in 1980

    Edward M. Fay, 1875-1964, was a well known local and national theatrical impresario, musician, and band leader. He was known as "the Dean of Rhode Island Showmen." A friend and partner of George M. Read more >

  12. Fred Friendly

    Fred Friendly (1915-1998)

    Inducted in 1968

    Friend Friendly, 1915-1998, was a radio pioneer and executive, and a prime mover in the early development of Providence radio station WEAN. He became a professor of Journalism at Columbia University and broadcast advisor to the Ford Foundation.

    The broadcast newsroom at Columbia University's School of Journalism is named for Friendly, as is a professorship at the school. In 2005, actor George Clooney portrayed Friendly in the film Good Night, and Good Luck. Read more >

  13. Bobby Hackett

    Bobby Hackett (1915-1976)

    Inducted in 1972

    Bobby Hackett, 1915-1976, was a cornet and trumpet soloist who became a Dixieland specialist, orchestra leader and recording artist.  A Providence native, he played with many of the nation's top jazz bands. Read more >

  14. Randall C. "Randy" Hien (1949-2006)

    Inducted in 2009

    Randall C. (“Randy”) Hien, 1949-2006, became legendary in Rhode Island for his remarkable accomplishments in two fields. As one of the most successful baseball coaches in the state, he devoted himself tirelessly to Rhode Island youth sports for thirty years. During that time, he transformed his beloved Lincoln Little League All-Stars into a nationally-competitive powerhouse, winning an unprecedented ten District Championships, seven Rhode Island Championships, and two New England Championships that culminated in two trips to the Little League World Series. Read more >

  15. Julia Ward Howe

    Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910)

    Inducted in 2003

    Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910

    Julia Ward Howe, born in New York City on May 27, 1819, had deep Rhode Island roots. Two of her ancestors--Richard Ward and Samuel Ward--were prominent colonial governors of Rhode Island and her grandfather Samuel Ward commanded the Black Regiment in the Battle of Rhode Island. Her father, Samuel Jr. was a prominent New York banker who furnished her with a first-class private education and standing in New York's social circles. Read more >

  16. Dr. Raymond T. Jackson

    Dr. Raymond T. Jackson (1933-)

    Inducted in 1966

    Dr. Raymond T. Jackson, originally of Providence, is an accomplished concert pianist and graduate of the Julliard School of Music. Noted for bringing the music of African-American composers to the concert stage. Read more >

  17. Pearce Johnson

    Inducted in 1984

    The late Pearce Johnson was one of Rhode Island's most proficient organizers who became a top executive in USO, producing and directing 125 USO shows as supervisor and President of Providence-Narragansett Bay USO, and a member of the USO National Council. He was awarded by the USO for thirty-five years of distinguished service. He also managed the famed Warren Indian Band, and later, the Providence Steamroller Football Team, where he was traveling Secretary and later sole owner. He became a sportswriter and publisher, and went on to serve Ballou, Johnson, and Nichols for thirty-seven years. Read more >

  18. Matilda Sissieretta Jones

    Matilda Sissieretta Jones (1869-1933)

    Inducted in 1977

    Matilda Sissieretta Joyner Jones ("Black Patti") 1869-1933, was a famous concert singer of the 19th century. After becoming the the first African-American artist to perform at the Wallack's Theatre in New York, she toured South America, Europe and Canada. Known as "the Black Patti," after Italian diva Adelina Patti, Ms. Jones performed in Madison Square Garden, Carnegie Hall, and before the crowned heads of Europe. Read more >

  19. Ronald A. Leonard

    Inducted in 1996

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