Inductees in Philanthropists

  1. Warren Alpert

    Warren Alpert (1920-2007)

    Inducted in 2014

    Pursuing Health to Benefit Society

    “I wanted to be rich,' he told the Boston Globe very seriously in 1988, “so I could give my money away.”

    That would all happen but not nearly as quickly has he might have hoped. He had graduated from BU in 1942, and by June 1944, he was a private first class in Army Intelligence aboard one of ships in the immense armada approaching the Normandy coast. But he was not to set foot in France. Read more >

  2. Joseph Banigan (1839-1898)

    Inducted in 2005

    Joseph Banigan (1839-1898) and his parents were part of a wave of Irish Catholic refugees who fled the Potato Famine in Ireland. Arriving in Rhode Island in 1847, he attended school for one year before becoming a full-time worker at age nine. Over the next fifty years he employed the "pluck and luck" characteristics of Yankee entrepreneurs to build a local footwear empire before assuming the presidency of the United States Rubber Company in 1893.

    Banigan was a youthful apprentice in the jewelry industry before tinkering with rubber products. Read more >

  3. Fred Benson (1895-1996)

    Inducted in 1982

    Fred Benson, 1895-1996, was a popular teacher, baseball coach and successful Block Island business leader. His devotion and philanthropies to Block Island inspired the "Fred Benson Scholarship Fund", designed to give financial aid to college-bound youth. Read more >

  4. Bishop George Berkeley

    Bishop George Berkeley (1685-1753)

    Inducted in 1998

    Bishop George Berkeley,1685-1753, was an Irish-born enlightenment philosopher, Anglican Bishop, philanthropist, and proprietor of Whitehall in Middletown from 1729-1731. After his return to Ireland in 1732, he was soon consecrated Bishop of Cloyne and continued his philosophical writings. His poem "On the Prospect of Planting Arts and Learning in America" is famous for the oracular line "Westward the course of Empire takes its way."

    . Read more >
  5. William Binney (1825-1909)

    Inducted in 2006



    Binney, William, 1825-1909

    William Binney (1825-1909), was the son of Horace Binney, a trial lawyer of national acclaim who twice declined a seat on the United States Supreme Court.  His grandfather, Barnabas Binney, was a renowned surgeon, who served with distinction in the American Revolution.  William Binney was born in Philadelphia and obtained bachelors and masters degrees from Yale University.  He also earned a masters degree from Brown University in 1856, launching his storied connection with Rhode Island. Read more >

  6. Chief Justice Charles Smith Bradley

    Chief Justice Charles Smith Bradley (1819-1888)

    Inducted in 2006


    Bradley, C. S. (Charles Smith), 1819-1888

    Charles Smith Bradley (1819-1888), was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts.  He graduated first in his class at Brown University in 1838, then obtained a master’s degree from Brown and, eventually, a law degree from Harvard. Read more >

  7. Richard L Bready, 2017

    Richard L Bready, 2017

    Inducted in 2017

    Richard L. “Rick” Bready is an outstanding model of the successful international entrepreneur and corporate citi- zen who never really retires. Rick began his business career in 1967 as an accountant with Arthur Anderson in Boston where he was born in 1944 and grew up. He attended public and parochial schools in the Boston area; graduated from St. Read more >
  8. Nicholas Brown, II

    Nicholas Brown, II (1769-1841)

    Inducted in 2000

    Nicholas Brown II, 1769-1841, Providence businessman and philanthropist, was the son and heir of of Nicholas Brown, one of the five famous Brown brothers of late eighteenth-century Providence. In 1796 he formed the highly successful mercantile-industrial partnership Brown & Ives, which made a fortune in the China trade. When the name of Rhode Island College was changed to Brown University in 1804, the change was made in recognition of the gifts and services rendered to the school by Nicholas and his uncles. Nicholas II served as a member of the Brown Corporation for fifty years, twenty-nine of them as treasurer. Read more >

  9. George Bucklin

    George Bucklin (1843-1918)

    Inducted in 1981

    George N. Bucklin, 1843-1918, was a great benefactor to the Boy Scouts of RI, enabling the development of Camp Yawgoog and the famed Bucklin Memorials, one of the great camping showplaces of the country. Read more >

  10. Alfred Carpionato

    Alfred Carpionato

    Inducted in 2017

    Alfred Carpionato started his life in humble circum- stances working for his fathers single family residential con- struction business when he was merely a teenager. As a very young man, he had traveled to Boston, Florida, and California where he gained invaluable expe- rience working with the top developers of that era. Taking everything he learned in the field, Carpionato took a promi- nent position in the family business. At just fifteen-years-old Carpionato bought his first building in the Smith Hill neigh- borhood of Providence, renovat- ing the units into apartments and transitioning the family business into a commercial real estate firm. Read more >
  11. Alfred A. "Smokey" Cerrone

    Inducted in 1991

    Alfred "Smokey" Cerrone was a highly successful businessman, athlete, musician, innovator, and public-minded citizen who developed one of the world's largest automobile agencies. He was instrumental in numerous charitable fund-raising ventures including with the Lincoln-Cumberland Boys Club and St. Joseph's Pine Harbor School for children with special needs. He has given his personal support to hundreds of disadvantaged boys and girls through recreational and educational grants. Read more >

  12. George Byron Champlin (1851-1946)

    Inducted in 2008

    George Byron Champlin (1851-1946) was born in Providence on September 11, 1851, just after his old-line family had left their farm in southern Rhode Island to pursue new opportunities in the state's expanding capital city. George's father, Stanton B. Champlin, opened a produce business on Pine Street in the Downtown, but soon his interest turned to the jewelry industry. In 1872, twenty-one year old George joined his father to establish Stanton B. Read more >

  13. Martin Chase (1906-1971)

    Inducted in 1977

    Martin Chase organized the first discount merchandise store in the United States (Ann & Hope), which revolutionized American retail. The Mass Merchandising Foundation honored him for setting in motion the tide of low-margin retailing, which greatly extended the purchasing power of the American consumer. Mr. Chase was also active in community and philanthropic affairs. Read more >

  14. Vincent A. "Buddy" Cianci, Jr. (1941-2016)

    Inducted in 1999

    The late Vincent A. "Buddy" Cianci of Providence was a popular six-term mayor of Providence brought the capital city nationwide recognition as a Renaissance City. An outspoken champion of the all-encompassing revitalization of downton Providence, he received widespread credit for his support of the arts, urban revitalization, public safety, educational, employment and housing needs. Read more >

  15. Arthur A. Coia, Esq. (1943-)

    Inducted in 2009

    Arthur A. Coia was born on March 21,1943 in the Italian section of Charles Street, Providence, Rhode Island graduating from LaSalle Academy, Providence College, and Boston University Law School. He is a founding partner with over 40 years of experience in the New England-based law firm of Coia and Lepore, LTD. specializing in labor law, labor management cooperation, health care reform, finance, business analysis, and human resource management. Read more >
  16. Kevin Coleman

    Kevin Coleman (1921-2011)

    Inducted in 2004

    Kevin K. Coleman was born in Woonsocket to Louis and Mary (McDonnell) Coleman. Mr. Coleman devoted his career to serving the needs of Rhode Islanders. Read more >

  17. Robert L. Crandall

    Inducted in 2001


    ROBERT L. CRANDALL, of Dallas, Texas and formerly of Westerly, retired President Emeritus of American Airlines where he worked for eighteen years holding positions as president, chairman and CEO. During his tenure with American, he spearheaded many innovative changes in the airline business prompting experts to describe him as “the man who changed the way the world flies.”   Bob has been a major donor and fund-raiser for his alma mater, the University of Rhode Island. Read more >
  18. John J. Cummings,, Jr.

    Inducted in 1987

    The late John J. Cummings was one of the financial geniuses of his time. During a career spanning thity-five years with the Fleet Financial Group, until his untimely death in 1982, he served as Fleet's Cheif-Executive for fourteen years. He was responsible for guiding its growth into an internationally recognized financial services company. Read more >
  19. Congressman Thomas Davis (1806-1895)

    Inducted in 2003

    Davis, Thomas, 1806-1895

    Thomas Davis was born in Dublin, Ireland on December 18, 1806, attended private schools in Ireland, and migrated to America in 1817, settling in Providence. Davis became a pioneer in Rhode Island's jewelry industry and amassed sufficient wealth to enable him to finance a variety of political, civic, and reform endeavors.

    Davis became a state senator from Providence serving from 1845 to 1853 when he was elected to Congress as a Democrat. Locally he was associated with the reform wing of the Democratic party led by Thomas Wilson Dorr. Read more >

  20. Ebenezer Knight Dexter

    Ebenezer Knight Dexter (1773-1824)

    Inducted in 2000

    Ebenezer Knight Dexter, 1773-1824, prominent Providence merchant and a United States marshal who became Providence's greatest philanthropist. In his will he bequeathed nearly 2.3 million square feet of land to Providence for aid to the poor and other civic purposes including the training of militia. His most notable gifts were the Dexter Asylum and the Dexter training grounds. Read more >

  21. Doris Duke (1912-1993)

    Inducted in 2001


    Duke, Doris, 1912-1993

    The late Doris Duke formerly of Newport, famed tobacco heiress who is one of Rhode Island’s greatest philanthropists. In 1968, she helped to launch the Newport Restoration Foundation to preserve that historic city’s 18th and early 19th century domestic architecture. Later, Ms. Duke made a major gift to the nature Conservancy to preserve land in several communities and directed that her Newport mansion, “Rough Point,” become a public museum. Read more >

  22. Sarah J. Eddy (1851-1945)

    Inducted in 2017

    Sarah J. Eddy was a philanthropist and humanitarian; she was also a nationally recognized artist (painter and sculptor), photographer, suffragette and author.

    Born in 1851, the second of four children, to James Eddy of Providence, a wealthy art connoisseur and philanthropist, and Elisa Jackson of Boston, a staunch woman's rights advocate and suffragette.

    Sarah studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia and later at New York's Art Students League. Read more >

  23. Irving J. Fain (1906-1970)

    Inducted in 1985

    Irving J. Fain, 1906-1970, was a philanthropist, successful businessman, and community leader whose perseverance and ideals almost single-handedly led to the establishment of a fair housing law in Rhode Island. He was raised in Lippitt Hill, now University Heights, an American landmark mixture of races and economic backgrounds he helped to create. He was a backer of humane causes, an extremely active leader in the community, and one of Rhode Island's most prominent citizens until his untimely death in 1970. Read more >

  24. William F. F. Farley (1942-)

    Inducted in 1998

    William F. Farley, of Pawtucket, now of Chicago, is businessman who was was chairman and CEO of Fruit of the Loom the highly successful international manufacturer and distributor of basic family apparel for fifteen years (1985-1999). Farley acquired Fruit of the Loom in 1986. Under Farley's leadership, sales exceeded $2 billion. Read more >

  25. Warren B Galkin

    Warren B Galkin

    Inducted in 2017

    In 1917, Arthur Galkin I founded Natco Products Corporation as a recycler of waste materials. He had two sons, Bob and Warren. In 1949, his eldest son, Bob, graduated from Brown with a semester at Oxford and a BA in International Relations. At that time, Natco had two divisions; a division that manufactured mats, matting, and stair treads, with a large portion coming from other company's remnants, and a bag division that manufactured beach and travel bags. Read more >
  26. Robert Galkin

    Robert Galkin

    Inducted in 2017

    In 1917, Arthur Galkin I founded Natco Products Corporation as a recycler of waste materials. He had two sons, Bob and Warren. In 1949, his eldest son, Bob, graduated from Brown with a semester at Oxford and a BA in International Relations. At that time, Natco had two divisions; a division that manufactured mats, matting, and stair treads, with a large portion coming from other company's remnants, and a bag division that manufactured beach and travel bags. Read more >
  27. Wini (Blacher) Galkin

    Wini (Blacher) Galkin

    Inducted in 2017

    In 1917, Arthur Galkin I founded Natco Products Corporation as a recycler of waste materials. He had two sons, Bob and Warren. In 1949, his eldest son, Bob, graduated from Brown with a semester at Oxford and a BA in International Relations. At that time, Natco had two divisions; a division that manufactured mats, matting, and stair treads, with a large portion coming from other company's remnants, and a bag division that manufactured beach and travel bags. Read more >
  28. Thomas Gilbane (1911-1981)

    Inducted in 1977

    Thomas Gilbane, 1911-1981, was a third generation Gilbane of Gilbane construction and President of Gilbane Construction Company. Thomas and his brother Bill built the company from a local firm to one of the top ten in the nation.

    Thomas Gilbane was also a former star athlete at Brown University, prominent in Boy Scouts circles and active in United Fund drives, Heart Fund and other community projects. Read more >

  29. Darius L. and Lyman B. Goff

    Darius L. and Lyman B. Goff (1840-1927)

    Inducted in 1997


    Goff, Darius L. (Darius Lee) and Goff, Lyman Bullock

    The Goff Brothers, formerly of Pawtucket, were the sons of the Honorable Darius Goff, and members of one of the most prominent industrialist families in New England. They were partners in D. Goff & Sons, which occupied a foremost position among regional industrial concerns. Read more >

  30. Sidney S Goldstein

    Sidney S Goldstein (1929-1995)

    Inducted in 2017

    Some individuals have been recognized for Hall of Fame induction because of the success and prominence of their business creations. Joseph Banigan, in whose building we conduct this ceremony, is one local example. He was a co-founder of U. S. Read more >
  31. Bradford Gorham

    Bradford Gorham (1935-2015)

    Inducted in 2016

    Some individuals — very few in number — stand out from all others because of their outstanding talents and abilities. In this respect one thinks of athletes or entertainers. It is more rare, however, that a person stands above the crowd because of such qualities as integrity, earnestness, and demeanor. Brad Gorham was such a man. Read more >
  32. Manuel Gorriaran (1938-2012)

    Inducted in 1975

    Manuel Gorriaran, 1938-2012, was a sportsman, philanthropist, industrialist, and a Pan-American-World Olympic Wrestling Team manager. He was a member of the Helms Hall of Fame, won the International Amateur Wrestling Federation's highest award and was Chairman of People to People Rhode Island.

    ce President, President and then Chairman of Hook-Fast Specialties, Inc., a family-owned jewelry manufacturing company based in Providence. Read more >
  33. Carl W. Haffenreffer (1906-1999)

    Inducted in 2007


    Haffenreffer, Carl W.

    Carl W. Haffenreffer, son of Rudolph Haffenreffer, Jr., continued his father’s tradition of business and philanthropic activity. Read more >

  34. Rudolph Frederick Haffenreffer, Jr. (1874-1954)

    Inducted in 2007

     Haffenreffer, Rudolph Frederick, 1874-1954

    Rudolf Frederick Haffenreffer, Jr. (1874-1954), a native of Boston and a first generation German-American, became a successful Fall River brewer and purchased several hundred acres in Bristol from 1903 to 1912 for use as a summer retreat. His acquisitions included Mount Hope and the Bradford House. 

    After completing his basic education in the Boston school system, young Rudolph was sent to Stuttguart, Germany to study chemistry. Read more >

  35. Rudolf Frederick Haffenreffer, III (1902-1991)

    Inducted in 2007

     Haffenreffer, R.F.

    Rudolf Frederick Haffenreffer, III (1902-1991), the eldest son of Rudolph Haffenreffer, Jr., succeeded to his father’s positions in several family ventures. Read more >
  36. James Hanley

    James Hanley (1841-1912)

    Inducted in 2007


    Hanley, James, 1841-1912

    James Hanley was born in Roscommon, Ireland and came to America with his parents as a child in 1846 during the Great Famine migration.  He rose from poverty to prominence as Rhode Island’s leading brewer.

    Hanley’s first important step into the world of business came in January 1862, at the age of twenty, when he opened an inn and liquor store in downtown Providence. In 1876 he began his career as a brewer in partnership with fellow-Irishman John P. Read more >

  37. Edward Harris

    Edward Harris (1801-1872)

    Inducted in 1986

    Edward Harris, 1801-1872, was considered the City of Woonsocket's most prominent citizen in the 19th century. His contributions are found in the economic, political, and social fiber of his native city, as Woonsocket's first millionaire, and in helping to establish the area as the state's leading textile center. A leading philanthropist, he donated numerous buildings and land areas to Woonsocket, ran three times as the "Free Soil" candidate for governor, founded two banks and much of the credit for the development of the city of Woonsocket goes to him. Read more >

  38. Sylvia K. Hassenfeld

    Sylvia K. Hassenfeld (1920-2014)

    Inducted in 1997

    Mrs. Hassenfeld, formerly of Providence, lived in both New York City and Palm Beach, FL.  She was been widely recognized as an outstanding civic, cultural, and philanthropic leader of international communal services for more than 40 years. 

  39. Alan G. Hassenfeld (1948-)

    Inducted in 2009

    Alan Hassenfeld is the former chairman of the board and present chairman of the executive committee of Hasbro, Inc., a multi-billion dollar international toy company. Under his leadership, Hasbro has become a worldwide leader in children's and family entertainment. Its brands and products are some of the most recognizable and respected throughout the world. Read more >

  40. Rowland Gibson Hazard (1801-1888)

    Inducted in 2003


    Hazard, Rowland Gibson, 1801-1888

    Rowland Gibson Hazard was born in South Kingstown, Rhode Island on October 9, 1801, the fourth of nine children of Rowland Hazard and Mary Peace of Charleston, South Carolina. In 1819, with his brother Isaac, he assumed control of his father's small woolen mill in the village of Peace Dale, which had been named for his mother's family. He had primary responsibility for marketing products to Southern plantation owners in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Hazard wintered in New Orleans from about 1833 to 1842. Read more >

  41. Angus Hebb

    Inducted in 1982

    The late Angus Hebb was the President of American Steele and Aluminum Corp. who achieved an international reputation for his efforts to preserve and propagate rare and endangered waterfowl. He created a 40-acre sanctuary for the R.I. Read more >

  42. Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy

    Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy (1967-)

    Inducted in 2018

    Patrick Joseph Kennedy II was born in Brighton, Massachusetts on July 14, 1967, the son of U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy and Joan Bennett Kennedy. After graduation from Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts in 1986, he began a quarter-century of residence in Rhode Island bringing with him both the benefits and the burdens of the Kennedy legacy. Read more >

  43. Benjamin B. and Robert L. Knight

    Benjamin B. and Robert L. Knight

    Inducted in 2006


    Knight, Benjamin B., 1813-1898 and Knight, Robert, 1825-1912

    The Knight brothers were textile manufacturers and philanthropists, owning twenty-one manufacturing villages under the logo “Fruit of the Loom,” and employing nearly 7000 operatives.

    Benjamin was born in Cranston, R.I. Read more >

  44. Sol Koffler

    Inducted in 1981

    The late Sol Koffler, was the inventor and manufacturer of the internationally famous Tourister Luggage. Although active in Jewish affairs, his philanthropy transcended all race, religion, or color. Read more >

  45. Mr. & Mrs. Austin T. Levy (1880-1971)

    Inducted in 1969

    Austin Levy was a successful textile manufacturer, and his gracious wife, June (Rockwell) Levy, was known as the "First Lady of Burrillville" Their philanthropic interest played a major role in the development of their town. Through their gifts the town gained its' Town Hall, the Harrisville Assembly Theater Building, a library, a post office, the Harrisville Courthouse, two school buildings, and an indoor hockey rink. Read more >

  46. Frederick Lippitt (1917-2005)

    Inducted in 2006

    Born to a life of privilege, Fred Lippitt (1917-2005) decided it was a privilege to serve others. The Lippitt family was among the first settlers of Rhode Island. In 1638, John Lippitt arrived in Providence. An ancestor, Christopher Lippitt, commanded Rhode Island troops in the Revolution. Read more >

  47. John F McBurney, Jr

    John F McBurney, Jr (1925-2015)

    Inducted in 2016

    John F. McBumey, Jr., a member of Americas “Greatest Generation,” compiled a remarkable career as a highly- decorated war hero, collegiate and professional baseball star, teacher, influential state senator from Pawtucket, and prominent trial attorney. John was born in Pawtucket in 1925 and raised in nearby Attleboro. Read more >
  48. Margaret A. McKenna

    Margaret A. McKenna (1945-)

    Inducted in 2015

    Margaret McKenna was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1945 to parents who were lifelong teachers and administrators in the Central Falls public school system. Her father was in the first graduating class at Providence College, and her mother was a graduate of Rhode Island College. Margaret attended Holy Trinity Elementary School in Central Falls and Sacred Heart High School in Pawtucket.  She then received degrees from Emmanuel College and Southern Methodist University School of Law. Read more >

  49. John McLaughlin

    Inducted in 1984

    John McLaughlin has been widely recognized for his civic service and contributions to many causes, including disadvantaged youth, and assisting underprivileged children. He was named R.I. "Big Brother of the Year" in 1982 and a recipient of the R. Read more >

  50. Helen Adelia Rowe Metcalf (1830-1895)

    Inducted in 1996

    Metcalf, Helen Adelia Rowe, -- -1895.

    Ms. Rowe Metcalf, formerly of Providence, was leader in the drive to establish the Rhode Island School of Design and devoted most of her time from 1878 to her death in 1895 to directing the School. Her influence and administrative skills enabled RISD to be founded with the goals of training artisans, teaching students the principles of art, and promoting appreciation of art, allowing it to become recognized as one of the most prestigious fine arts schools in the country. Read more >

  51. U.S. Senator Jesse H. Metcalf (1860-1942)

    Inducted in 2017

    Jesse Metcalf and his wife Louisa Sharpe Metcalf were the dynamic duo of Rhode Island philanthropy in the early 20th century. Jesse was the son and namesake of the founder of Providence's Wanskuck Mills, one of America's largest woolen manufacturers, and his mother, Helen, a Hall of Fame inductee, co-founded the Rhode Island School of Design. Louisa's father was Hall of Fame inductee Lucian Sharpe, co-founder of Brown & Sharpe, a machine tool company hailed as one of Providence's “five industrial wonders of the world.”

    To whom much is given, much is expected. Read more >

  52. Louisa Sharpe Metcalf (1866-1959)

    Inducted in 2017

    Jesse Metcalf and his wife Louisa Sharpe Metcalf were the dynamic duo of Rhode Island philanthropy in the early 20th century. Jesse was the son and namesake of the founder of Providence's Wanskuck Mills, one of America's largest woolen manufacturers, and his mother, Helen, a Hall of Fame inductee, co-founded the Rhode Island School of Design. Louisa's father was Hall of Fame inductee Lucian Sharpe, co-founder of Brown & Sharpe, a machine tool company hailed as one of Providence's “five industrial wonders of the world.”

    To whom much is given, much is expected. Read more >

  53. William Dewitt Metz, Dr

    William Dewitt Metz, Dr (1914-2013)

    Inducted in 2016

    William DeWitt Metz was born in Buffalo, New York on June 13, 1914 to William J. and Minerva (Lamphear) Metz and was raised in the village of Perry, New York, about 50 miles east of Buffalo. Metz prepared for college at Dexter High School in Maine and graduated from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine in 1937. He subsequently earned his Ph. Read more >
  54. Felix Mirando

    Inducted in 1973

    Felix Mirando is a Povidence business and civic leader who co-founded the Imperial Knife Co., one of the largest cutlery firms in the United States. He was many times for his work in civic, charitable and religious enterprises. Read more >

  55. Bernard Mondor (1925-2010)

    Inducted in 1984

    Bernard Mondor, 1925-2010, was a Canadian-born business man who became one of R.I.'s most outstanding sports promoters as owner of the Pawtucket Red Sox Baseball Team, which was recognized as the strongest franchise in the International League. He entered the business world after service in the Navy, acquiring seven corporations with sales over $13 million. Read more >

  56. Dr. Blas Moreno (1928-2011)

    Inducted in 1983

    Dr. Blas Moreno, 1928-2011, became a resident of Rhode Island after emigrating from Cuba in 1954. He fashioned a distinguished career as a leading physician, community leader, and philanthropist, and has been at the forefront of developing medical care programs for the National Guard of the United States, serving as the State Air Surgeon for Rhode Island beginning in 1977. Read more >

  57. Jeffery Osborne

    Jeffery Osborne

    Inducted in 2004

    Jeffrey Osborne is a well-known funk R&B musician, singer-songwriter, lyricist and lead singer of the band, L.T.D. Born in Providence to a musical family, (father Clarence "Legs" Osborne, was a popular trumpeter who played with Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington), he began his professional career in 1970 with a band called Love Men Ltd. Read more >

  58. Ambassador and Mayor Joe R. Paolino, Jr.

    Ambassador and Mayor Joe R. Paolino, Jr.

    Inducted in 2017

    The Honorable Joseph R. Paolino, Jr. assumes a unique place in the Rhode Island Heritage Hall of Fame. He is now the only inductee whose father, developer Joseph R. Read more >
  59. Joseph R. Paolino, Sr.

    Joseph R. Paolino, Sr. (1929-2012)

    Inducted in 2013

    A lifelong resident of Rhode Island, Joseph R. Paolino’s entire career revolved around real estate, and in this important area of Rhode Island’s economy he had no peer.

    Entrepreneurial, tough-minded, persistent, and unafraid of challenge, Paolino literally changed the face of Downtown Providence real estate. Joe’s father, Anthony, helped spark young Paolino’s early interest in real estate, and at the age of seventeen Joe sold his first piece of property. Read more >

  60. Ronald R.S. Picerne

    Ronald R.S. Picerne (1929-)

    Inducted in 2018

    Born in Cranston, Rhode Island in 1929, Ronald R.S. Picerne is the son of Romeo and Rose Picerne. Ron attended Cranston public schools and graduated from Cranston East High School in 1946. Read more >
  61. George R. Ramsbottom (1888-1979)

    Inducted in 1976

    George Ramsbottom, 1888-1979, was a Pawtucket industrialist who was President-Treasurer of the Seekonk Lace Company. An angel to the Pawtucket Boys Club, he gave them Camp Ramsbottom for summer recreation. He was also active in Red Cross and Community Chest drives. Ramsbottom is also credited with helping to write the Pawtucket City Charter. Read more >

  62. James P. Riley

    James P. Riley (1950-)

    Inducted in 2018

    James P. Riley was born in New Britain, Connecticut in 1950. He began his long career in the labor movement as a butcher for Stop & Shop in the 1970s. In 1984, Jim left his meat cutting career for a position as an organizer with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW). Read more >

  63. Abigail Aldrich Rockefeller

    Abigail Aldrich Rockefeller (1874-1948)

    Inducted in 2014

    Abigail Aldrich Rockefeller, 1874-1948, was the daughter of U.S. Sen. Nelson Aldrich, patron of the arts, and advocate for women's rights. Read more >

  64. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

    John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (1878-1960)

    Inducted in 2014

    John D. Rockefeller Jr., 1878-1960, son and heir of the oil magnate, philanthropist, provided land on which the United Nations building is located, donated $6 million to Brown University, his alma mater, for the school's library. He was married to Abby Aldrich, daughter of U. Read more >

  65. George M. Sage (1931-2006)

    Inducted in 2009

    George M. Sage, 1931-2006, was one of the most beloved Rhode Islanders of his generation. A gifted businessman, Mr. Sage had an even more substantial impact for his philanthropic endeavors, planning and executing a legacy of giving that will benefit Rhode Islanders for years to come. Read more >

  66. Joseph Samuels (1868-1939)

    Inducted in 1968

    Joseph Samuels, 1868-1939, was founder and president of the Outlet Company and one of the state's leading philanthropists. He developed a small shop into one of New England's leading retail establishments. Samuels was known for making generous gifts to hospitals and clinics for dental care. Read more >

  67. Lila M. Sapinsley

    Lila M. Sapinsley (1922-2014)

    Inducted in 2004

    Lila Sapinsley, a trailblazer for women in Rhode Island politics and beloved wife of John Sapinsley. She was a state Senator for Rhode Island and rose to Senate minority leader. In 1972, Lila Sapinsley was elected to the state Senate and became Senate Majority Leader, the first woman to hold a leadership post in the Rhode Island General Assembly.

    A native of Chicago, Sapinsley moved to Rhode Island in the 1950s. Read more >

  68. John M. Sapinsley (1922-2012)

    Inducted in 2013

    John M. Sapinsley's personal traits such as curiosity, courage, critical thinking, and kindness led him on an extraordinary life journey as a successful U.S. Navy veteran, businessman, professor, mentor, philanthropist, champion gofer, and most importantly, a loving husband to Senator Lila Sapinsely (a 2004 RI Heritage Hall of Fame Inductee), a father of four accomplished daughters and a proud grandfather of nine. Read more >

  69. Mary Elizabeth Sharpe (1885-1985)

    Inducted in 2001

    The late Mary Elizabeth Sharpe formerly of Providence, was an entrepreneur, author, environmentalist, philanthropist, and self-taught landscape architect, whose achievements in the field of landscape design were legendary. She was instrumental in the beautification of Brown University, assisted in the creation of the Japanese Gardens at Roger Williams Park, and spearheaded the renovation of India Point Park.

    A native of Syracuse, New York, she helped support family by making and selling candy. She parlayed that into a career, staring her own business, "Mary Elizabeth Ltd of New York. Read more >

  70. James J. Taracanti

    Inducted in 1995

    >James J. Taricani of North Kingstown, is the WJAR-TV (Channel 10), WPRI-TV (Channel 12), and local radio multi-award winning investigative reporter who became Director of Communications for RI Governor Lincoln Almond. He earned four coveted, regional Emmy Awards, television's highest honor, and ten Emmy nominations, in addition to several other prestigious journalism awards for outstanding reporting. He became one of RI's most celebrated and honored investigative journalists, concentrating mostly on organized crime, and corruption in government. Read more >

  71. Robert F Tasca (1926-2010)

    Inducted in 2001

    1926 - 2010 Car Dealer and Philanthropist Extraordinaire In the 1960s the quality of cars coming off American manufacturers' assembly lines began to slip badly. Problems ranged from poor door fits, window leaks, wind noise and squeaks and rattles up to vibrations and drivability issues in the power train. The causes were shortcuts being taken on the lines to cope with increased costs of meeting government mandated emission controls and safety measures. In 1967 these problems prompted Henry Ford II come to Providence to visit Bob Tasca, long a Ford and now also a Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Read more >
  72. Judah Touro

    Judah Touro (1775-1854)

    Inducted in 1970

    Judah Touro, 1775-1854, was a Newport philanthropist who made many contributions to his native city, many of them after he became a citizen of New Orleans. He played a major role in the erection of Bunker Hill Monument with considerable financial aide. Mr. Touro gifted Touro Park to the city of Newport and died in 1854. Read more >

  73. Harold Stirling Vanderbilt (1884-1970)

    Inducted in 2014

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