Inductees from 2003

  1. David L. Angell

    David L. Angell (1946-2001)

    Categories: Education & Universities, Entertainment Development, Literature / Writers / Newspapers, TV & Radio

    David L. Angell was best known for producing Emmy Award winning shows Cheers," "Wings" and "Frasier."Born on April 10, 1946 in Providence, David Angell was the youngest of three children of Mae Cooney Angell and Henry Angell.  David attended Providence College, where he studied English literature. Read more >

  2. Christiana Carteaux Bannister

    Christiana Carteaux Bannister

    Categories: African Americans, Civic Leaders, Native Americans, Women

    Bannister, Christiana Carteaux, 1822-1903

    Christiana Carteaux Bannister was born Christiana Babcock in Rhode Island's South County sometime between 1820 and 1822. Details concerning her birth and background are obscure, but she appears to have been of mixed native American and African-American parentage and was undoubtedly descended from slaves that worked the plantations of South County during the eighteenth century.

    As a young woman she moved to Boston and took up the trade of hairdressing. During her twenty-five year residence in Massachusetts she owned salons both in Boston and Worcester and prospered as an independent businesswoman and self-styled “hair doctress. Read more >

  3. Major General George Newman Bliss

    Major General George Newman Bliss (1837-1928)

    Categories: Civic Leaders, Government & Politics, Military


    Bliss, George Newman, 1837-1928

    George Newman Bliss was born in Tiverton, Rhode Island on July 22, 1837, the son of James and Sarah (Stafford) Bliss. He attended Brown University, secured a bachelor's degree from Union College, and earned a law degree from Albany Law School in 1861. Enlisting in the Civil War as a private, he rose to the rank of major in the 1st Rhode Island Cavalry serving with valor and resourcefulness in numerous engagements in the Virginia theater of war. At Waynesboro, Virginia on September 18, 1864, he displayed such heroic action as to merit the Congressional Medal of Honor. Read more >

  4. Major General Ambrose Everett Burnside

    Major General Ambrose Everett Burnside (1824-1881)

    Categories: Government & Politics, Military


    Burnside, Ambrose Everett, 1824-1881

    Ambrose Everett Burnside was born in Liberty, Indiana on May 23, 1824, one of nine children of Irish and Scottish ancestry born to Edghill and Pamela (Brown) Burnside. His father had been a South Carolina slaveholder who moved to Indiana after freeing his slaves. Edghill Burnside became a legislator in his adopted state--a position that enabled him to secure a West Point scholarship for his son Ambrose. After graduation in 1847, young Lieutenant Burnside was assigned to an artillery unit but arrived in Mexico City too late to see actual combat in the short-lived Mexican War. Read more >

  5. Reginald A. Centracchio

    Reginald A. Centracchio

    Categories: Military

    Reginald A. Centracchio was born in West Warwick. He enlisted in the R.I. Read more >

  6. Zechariah Chafee Jr.

    Zechariah Chafee Jr. (1885-1957)

    Categories: Government & Politics

    Zecharian Chafee was born in Providence to a political family descended from Roger Williams. Chafee attended Brown, where he was a fellow. After graduating fron Brown in 1907, he went on to study law at Harvard University. While attending Harvard, he became influenced by the theories of sociological Jurisprudence presented by Roscoe Pound and others at Harvard. Read more >

  7. Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis

    Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis (1813-1876)

    Categories: African Americans, Artists & Painters, Literature / Writers / Newspapers, Medicine & Health Care, Women



    Davis, Paulina W. (Paulina Wright), 1813-1876

    Paulina Kellogg Wright Davis was born in Bloomfield, New York on August 7, 1813, the daughter of Captain Ebenezer Kellogg and Polly Saxon. After the death of both parents, Paulina was raised by a strict orthodox Presbyterian aunt. After a brief immersion with religion, Paulina married Francis Wright, a wealthy Utica merchant, in 1833. Read more >

  8. Congressman Thomas Davis (1806-1895)

    Categories: Government & Politics, Philanthropists


    Davis, Thomas, 1806-1895

    Thomas Davis was born in Dublin, Ireland on December 18, 1806, attended private schools in Ireland, and migrated to America in 1817, settling in Providence. Davis became a pioneer in Rhode Island's jewelry industry and amassed sufficient wealth to enable him to finance a variety of political, civic, and reform endeavors.

    Davis became a state senator from Providence serving from 1845 to 1853 when he was elected to Congress as a Democrat. Locally he was associated with the reform wing of the Democratic party led by Thomas Wilson Dorr. Read more >

  9. George T. Downing

    George T. Downing (1819-1903)

    Categories: African Americans, Civic Leaders, Civil Rights / Abolitionists, Education & Universities, Founders of Rhode Island

    George T. Downing, abolitionist, businessman, and civil rights advocate, was born in New York City on December 30, 1819 into a prominent, well-to-do African-American family. His father Thomas Downing was a restauranteur, whose Oyster House was a gathering place for New York's aristocracy and politicians. Under his father's guidance, young George participated in the Underground Railroad and lobbied to gain equal suffrage for blacks. Read more >

  10. Major General George Sears Greene

    Major General George Sears Greene (1801-1899)

    Categories: Civil Engineer, Military


    Greene, George Sears, 1801-1899

    George Sears Greene, distinguished military leader and civil engineer, was born in Warwick's central village of Apponaug on May 6, 1801, the son of Caleb Greene, a shipowner and relative of General Nathanael Greene and Sarah Robinson. 

    The family's military heritage influenced George to attend West Point where his great skill in mathematics and engineering was discovered and developed. After graduation in 1823, Greene became a professor of mathematics and engineering at his alma mater and then served in the artillery at several posts around New England.

    In 1828, Greene married Elizabeth Vinton who died four years later. Read more >

  11. Rowland Gibson Hazard (1801-1888)

    Categories: Civil Rights / Abolitionists, Industry - Textiles, Philanthropists


    Hazard, Rowland Gibson, 1801-1888

    Rowland Gibson Hazard was born in South Kingstown, Rhode Island on October 9, 1801, the fourth of nine children of Rowland Hazard and Mary Peace of Charleston, South Carolina. In 1819, with his brother Isaac, he assumed control of his father's small woolen mill in the village of Peace Dale, which had been named for his mother's family. He had primary responsibility for marketing products to Southern plantation owners in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Hazard wintered in New Orleans from about 1833 to 1842. Read more >

  12. Julia Ward Howe

    Julia Ward Howe (1819-1910)

    Categories: Civil Rights / Abolitionists, Literature / Writers / Newspapers, Music (Singers, Composers), Women

    Howe, Julia Ward, 1819-1910

    Julia Ward Howe, born in New York City on May 27, 1819, had deep Rhode Island roots. Two of her ancestors--Richard Ward and Samuel Ward--were prominent colonial governors of Rhode Island and her grandfather Samuel Ward commanded the Black Regiment in the Battle of Rhode Island. Her father, Samuel Jr. was a prominent New York banker who furnished her with a first-class private education and standing in New York's social circles. Read more >

  13. Arthur E. Lake

    Arthur E. Lake (1924-2009)

    Categories: TV & Radio

    Art Lake was a well-known broadcaster for WJAR for over 60 years.He began is radio announcing career 1944, while studying at Emerson College. He worked on Breakfast Tray, a show which broadcasted from the Outlet Department store in downtown Providence. He was a member of WAJR's pioneer television team in 1949. Read more >

  14. Victoria S. Lederberg

    Victoria S. Lederberg (1937-2002)

    Categories: Civic Leaders, Education & Universities, Government & Politics, Women

    Lederberg, Victoria, -- 1937-

    Lederberg was a psychology professor and state legislator before becoming a state Supreme Court judge in 1993.

    Lederberg earned her bachelors and masters at doctoral degrees Brown University. She served as Providence Municipal Court judge and was professor of psychology at Rhode Island College. She served as state representative from 1975-1983 ,representing the East Side of Providence, and state senator from 1985-1991. Read more >

  15. David McKenna

    David McKenna (1930-2008)

    Categories: Music (Singers, Composers)

    David McKenna was an internationally knonw swing jazz pianist from Woonsocket. Though his entire family was musical, David was largely self taught listening to the radio and to recordings by his favorites Nat King Cole and Teddy Wilson. At the age of twelve, he first began play for local weddings and dances. At fifteen, he joined the musicians' union and worked around Boston with star altoist Boots Mussulli and his group. Read more >

  16. Dr. John Nazarian (1932-)

    Categories: Civic Leaders, Education & Universities

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